Species Evenness Index Formula

In the study of species of diversity, species evenness is the measure of how close in numbers each species in the environment. Use species evenness index formula to find the resultant value. First, subtract number one from the total number of species recorded. Then find the log for the total number of individuals in the sample (N). Divide the first step from the second one. Now divide the Shannon's diversity index from the obtained value to find the result.


Species Evenness = i / Ln((s-1) / Ln(n))


s = Number of Species Recorded
n = Total Number of Individuals in the Sample
i = Shannons Diversity Index

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The evenness of a community of species is expressed using species evenness index formula. Species Evenness refers to the similarity of frequencies of the different units in making up a population or a sample. Mathematically it is referred as diversity index or measure of biodiversity. Species Evenness is complementary to species richness.

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