Circle Skirt Circumference Formula

A circle skirt is a flowy skirt named from the circular shape of the skirt. Girls look beautiful when they wore this type of different skirts and no matter what age they are. The page provides you the circle skirt circumference formula to find the circumference measurements such as full circle skirt, 3/4 circle skirt, half circle skirt and 1/4 circle skirt. This can be calculated based on the radius of the skirt. The formula get varies for each circle skirt.


Circle Skirt
c(Full Circle Skirt) = (2 × π × r) + 2
c(3/4 Circle Skirt) = ((2 × π × r) / 1.33) + 2
c(Half Circle Skirt) = ((2 × π × r) / 2) + 2
c(1/4 Circle Skirt) = ((2 × π × r) / 4) + 2


c = Circumference of Waist Band of Skirt
r = Radius of the Skirt

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You can calculate circumference measurement for different types of skirts using the above circle skirt circumference formula. Also refer the circle skirt calculator given above to find the radius and length of the skirt.

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