Simple Harmonic Motion Formula

Simple Harmonic Motion is a type of periodic motion or oscillatory motion under a retarding force which is proportional to the amount of displacement from an equilibrium position. SHM can serve as a mathematical model for a variety of motions, such as the oscillation of a spring. Given below is the Simple Harmonic Motion formula for the calculation of a simple harmonic motion in a physical system. SHM equation needs angular frequency for the calculation of velocity and acceleration.

SHM Equation


ω = 2πf
v = Aω cos (ωt)
a= - d ω2 sin (ωt)


ω = Angular Frequency
f = Frequency
v = Velocity
A = Ampltude
t = Time
d = Displacement
a = Acceleration

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The guitar string is an example of simple harmonic motion, or SHM. The above Simple Harmonic Motion formula is one among the important physics formula to be remembered.

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