Simple Disease Activity Index (SDAI) Formula

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a disease that is observed in the adult patients. It mainly causes inflammation in the joints of bones. Here is the useful Simple Disease Activity Index (SDAI) formula for you to calculate your SDAI score on your own. As per this SDAI formula just add the input values of tender joints, swollen joints, CRP, patient global activity and Medicare global activity to know the Simplified Disease Activity Index score with which you can assess your severity.




S = Score
TJC = Tender Joint Count
SJC = Swollen Joint Count
CRP = C-Reactive Protein
PGA = Patient Global Activity
MGA = Medical Care Global Activity

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The above Simple Disease Activity Index (SDAI) formula will be a useful formula for you to assess your disease severity index and take necessary steps to overcome the inflammation in the joints which hinders your physical activities.

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