Shopping Discount Formula

The formula to calculate sale price, percent off, original price is given below. As per shopping discount formula, to find percent off, divide original value from sales price and subtract the obtained value from 1. Multiply the resultant with 100. To know sales price, subtract percent off from 1, divide it by 100 and multiply the obtained value with original price. To get the original price, subtract percent off from 1, divide by 100 and again divide the obtained value from the sale price.

Formula to Calculate Sale Price, Percent Off, Original Price


Percent Off = ( 1 - ( Sales Price / Original Price ) ) × 100
Sales Price = Original Price × (1 - Percent Off / 100 )
Original Price = Sales Price / ( 1 - Percent Off / 100 )

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You can use the shopping discount formula provided here for identifying percent off, sales price and original price for your personal reference. This calculation will help you track on the percentage of the amount you are saving when you shop.

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