Shear Stress Formula

Shear stress in beams equation refers to a state where the stress is parallel to the surface of the material, whereas normal stress lies in the direction perpendicular to the material cross section. Shear stress in beams is similar to the motion of fluids upon the surfaces, which generates shear stress. Landslides occur due to the result of the shear stress. You can use the below shear stress formula to calculate the average shear stress of a beam for force per unit area.

Shear Stress in Beams Equation

τ = F / A

τ = Shear Stress
F = Force Applied
A = Cross-Sectional Area of Material With Area Parallel to the Applied Force Vector.

Shear stress formula is derived from the applied force and cross-sectional area of a beam. The shear stress in beams equation is generally expressed by the symbol tau (τ)

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