SGPA to CGPA Conversion Formula

Since SGPA (Student Grade Point Average) is the GPA (Grade Point Average) secured in only one semester, so in simple CGPA can be said as the average of SGPAs secured in all semesters. As a student, you may want to know how to calculate CGPA from SGPA. For that, you can make use of the SGPA to CGPA conversion formula to convert SGPA to CGPA on your own. To do the conversion, just divide the sum of SGPAs of all semesters by the number of semesters.


CGPA = (Sum of SGPAs of All Semesters) / (Number of Semesters)

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This SGPA to CGPA conversion formula will be a very useful one for the students to calculate their final grade on their own. Also, it will be a beneficial one for them in the planning process for increasing final semester cumulative GPA.

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