Coil Self Inductance Formula

You can use the coil self-inductance formula mentioned below to find the self inductance using magnetic flux. You can find the magnetic flux by knowing the number of turns in the coil, magnetic flux, and current flow. Coil self inductance formula allows you to multiply the number of turns in the coil and magnetic flux and divide the obtained value by the current flow, in a simple manner. The unit of measurement for inductance is Henry.

Self Inductance Using Magnetic Flux


I = ( N × P) / C


I = Inductance
N = Number of Turns in the Coil
P = Magnetic Flux
C = Current Flow

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In an electrical circuit, when the electromotive force is induced in the same circuit , in which the current changes the effect is called as self-inductance. Its value also depends upon the material of the core and number of turns in the coil.

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