Rydberg Formula

The Rydberg formula is formulated by the Swedish physicist Johannes Rydberg. The Rydberg Equation is used to describe the wavelengths of the spectral lines of many chemical elements in atomic physics. It is used to calculate the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation that is emitted in vacuum (λvac) based on the Rydberg constant which is approximately equal to 1.097 x 10^7 m^-1 and the principal quantum numbers (n1 and n2) of the orbitals.

Rydberg Equation


λvac = R(1/n12 - 1/n22)


λvac = Wavelength of electromagnetic radiation emitted in vacuum
R = Rydberg Constant,approximately 1.097 x 107 m-1,

n1, n2 = Integers greater than or equal to 1 such that n1 < n2 , corresponding to the principal quantum numbers of the orbitals occupied before and after the quantum leap.

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