Slope Pitch of Roof Formula

The page provides you the Slope Pitch of Roof formula to find the slope, roof pitch and run. Slope measures the angle of change in elevation and it can be found by dividing the rise by run. Rise points the vertical height per unit of horizontal movement or run. Run refers to the change in the horizontal movement. It is calculated by dividing the rise by tangent angle. Roof Slope or Roof Pitch is the measure of vertical rise in inches for every foot of horizontal length.


Run(inches) = Rise / tan(angle)
Roof Pitch = Rise / ( Run/ 12 )
Slope = ( Rise / Run) × 100

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Roof is the most important in the building construction. Roof slope plays a wider role in the roofing system. It is mainly considered in roof design. Learn about the measurements of roof slope by using the slope pitch of roof formulas provided above.

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