Roof Pitch Formula

This page offers you the rise and run formula, to find the pitch, slope, angle of the roof of a building. Slope measures the angle of change in elevation which can be obtained by dividing rise by run and multiply the result with 100. The Pitch value can be obtained by dividing N by 12 and divide S by the answer. Roof angle can be obtained by diving rise by run and take the tan inverse of the result. The roof pitch formula is used to estimate the area coverage of the house.

Rise and Run Formula


Pitch = S / ( N / 12 )
Slope = ( S / N ) × 100
Angle = tan-1 ( S / N )


S = Rise (inches)
N = Run (inches)

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The Roof pitch formula gives the exact measurement of roof pitch by using the horizontal distance a rafter travels which is called 'Run' and the top to bottom distance of the roof called 'Rise'.

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