Resultant Force Formula

An object will have a different type of force acting from a different direction. These forces can be added to get the resultant force. To find the resultant vector, the forces are considered as vectors. The vectors have both magnitude and direction. The resultant force formula to find the resultant vector of two forces is provided below. The method used in the resultant vector formula is the head to tail method where the head of the first vector is added with the tail of the other vector.

Resultant Vector Formula


Resultant Force = √ ((F1 × cos(A) + F2 × cos(B))2 + (F1 × sin(A) + F2 × sin(B))2)
R = tan-1(F1×sin(A) + F2 × sin(B))) / ((F1 × cos(A)+ F2 × cos(B))


F1 = First Force
F2 = Second Force
A = Direction Angle of First force
B = Direction Angle of Second Force
R = Direction Angle of Resultant Force

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The resultant force formula to find the resultant vectors are used in drift calculation for the rescue operation. Find resultant vector with different magnitude and direction value using the resultant vector formula.

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