Pulmonary Shunt Formula

The physiological condition, where there is normal blood perfusion by the alveoli of the lung but whereas there is no ventilation is called as pulmonary shunt ratio. The section of this page provides pulmonary shunt formula which guides you to calculate the shunt ventilation ratio on your own. Qs/Qt ratio equation requires oxygen content in pulmonary end capillaries, the oxygen content in arterial, oxygen content in mixed venous blood as inputs to calculate pulmonary shunt ratio.

Qs/Qt Ratio Equation


Qs/Qt(Fraction) = ( C - A ) / ( C - V )
Qs/Qt(%)= (( C - A ) / ( C - V )) × 100


P = Pulmonary shunt ratio
C = Oxygen content in pulmonary end capillary
A = Oxygen content in arterial
V = Oxygen content in mixed venous blood

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When there is not any supply of air to alveoli, ultimately the ventilation ratio turns zero. This Qs/Qt ratio equation helps you to calculate such ratio. Pulmonary shunt formula is one of the much-needed formulae in the medical field.

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