Protein Creatinine Ratio Formula

Calculating the ratio between any two variables is so simple that you just need to divide the one variable by the other. The below given is the Protein creatinine ratio formula to calculate the urine protein-creatinine ratio (PCR) for the given values. The Protein-Creatinine Ratio PCR can be calculated just by dividing protein with the creatinine. Protein and creatinine are to be given in the mg/dL and the ratio of protein-to-creatinine output will be in mg/g.


PCR= Protein / Creatinine


PCR = Ratio Protein & Creatinine
Protein = Level of Protein
Creatinine = Level of Creatinine

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The urine protein creatinine ratio formula in the page will be a very useful formula for the adults to check their PCR ratio and ensure the good health of their kidney.

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