Prostate Cancer Volume Formula

A tumour is of two types they are a benign tumour and malignant tumour. In a benign tumour the cells don't spread to other organs. When cells grow uncontrollably in the prostate gland causing prostate cancer. Use the prostate cancer volume formula to find the prostate cancer density and tumour volume. The volume measurement can be done with this is prostate cancer volume formula based on the psa values of length, weight, and height of the prostate.


V = L × W × H × π / 6
D = A / V


L = Prostate Length
W = Prostate Width
H = Prostate Height
V = Prostate Volume
A = PSA Value
D = Tumor Density

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If the prostate tumor is present inside the prostate then it can be easily cured. If it has been spread to bones and other area of the body, the curing of the diseases might be difficult. Find the volume and density of the tumour using this prostate cancer.

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