Pooled Standard Deviation Formula

The expressing quantity based on the number of members of a group varies from the value of mean for the group is called a standard deviation SD. The pooled standard deviation is the weighted average of each group's standard deviation and it is the average spread of all data points about their group mean and is the. The below given is the Pooled standard deviation formula for determining the pooled estimate of standard deviation in simple on your own.


Pooled Standard Deviation = √(((n1-1) × s1²+(n2-1) × s2²+...+(nk-1) × sk²) / (n1+n2+...+nk-k))

Mean = Sum of data values / N(Number of Values)

Standard Deviation Formula


n1,n2,...nk= sample size of each group
s1,s2,...sk= Standard deviation of each group
k=Number of group

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