Ponderal Index Formula

Make use of the rohrer index formula and know yours and others corpulence index value. The ponderal index formula is the most commonly used methods in pediatrics.


Ponderal Index (PI) for
Adult = Weight / Height3
Child = 0.1 x PI ( Adult )

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The ponderal index is one the most commonly used method to determine the ratio of a person's height and weight. The corpulence index provides a valid result even for the people who are too short and too tall. If you know your height and weight then you can easily calculate the rohrer index using the ponderal index formula.

How To Calculate Ponderal Index: It is similar to the body mass index calculation. The corpulence index is the ratio of the height and the cube root of the weight of the body.

Evaluate different persons corpulence index by substituting different height and weight measurements in the rohrer index formula.

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