Circumference of a Polygon Formula

A polygon is a 2d shape and the perimeter refers to the one-dimensional shape. A perimeter of any polygon can be calculated by adding together the length of each side. If you are looking for the answer to your question of "How to calculate the circumference of a polygon?", then here is the circumference of a polygon formula for you to find the solution for it. As per the perimeter of a polygon formula, just multiplying the number of sides with the side length will give the circumference.

Perimeter of a Polygon Formula


C = N x A


C = Circumference
A = Side length
N = Number of sides

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From the above circumference of a polygon formula, it is obvious that just a simple multiplication is all we need to do to calculate the perimeter. For instant calculations, you can make use of our online calculator t provided just below the formula.

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