pmol/L to ng/ML Conversion Formula

Given here unit conversion formula to convert the given values of Pmol/L to Ng/Ml. pmol/L to ng/ML conversion formula is derived as n = p / 2.247 where, n = ng/mL, p = pmol/L. Ng/ml stands for nanograms per milliliter whereas Pmol/L stands for Picomoles per Liter. The Ng/Ml and Pmol/L units are used for lab experiments where researchers use very small measured quantities of chemical, organic or inorganic substances for science experiments and researchers.


n = p/2.247


p = pmol/L
n = ng/mL

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pmol/L to ng/ML conversion formula is made simple whereby dividing the Pmol/L with 2.247, you will get the resultant value of nanograms per milliliter. Also, you can click on the calculator link above for ease calculations.

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