Permutation Formula

The whole or a part of the set of objects are arranged in a manner considering the order of management is termed as Permutations. They are generally described as distinct objects taken in a specific time. Here is the Permutation Formula which guides you to calculate the permutations count in a simple manner. This nPr formula requires n and r values for performing calculations. Permutation formula nPr is one of the most used formulae by high-grade school students.

nPr Formula


nPr = n! / ( n - r )!


nPr = Permutations
n = Number of sample points in set n
r = Number of sample points in each permutation

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The above Permutation Formula in this page requires factorial calculation in order to determine the permutation for the known input values. This nPr formula will be a useful on for the students who are going to appear for board exams.

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