Period of a Pendulum Formula

Find here the period of oscillation equation for calculating the time period of a simple pendulum. The period of a pendulum formula is defined as T = 2 x π √(L/g), where T is the period, L is the length and g is the Acceleration of gravity. The period of oscillation demonstrates a single resonant frequency. It can be calculated by dividing the length from the acceleration of gravity and taking the square root of the value. Finally, the obtained value is multiplied with 2 x π.

Period of Oscillation Equation


Period of Oscillation = 2 π √(L / g)


T = Period
L = Length
g = Acceleration of Gravity

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From the period of oscillation equation, you can know that the net force on the object at the end of the simple pendulum is proportional to displacement. Also, you can navigate to the online period of pendulum calculator provided above for ease calculation.

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