Triangular Prism Perimeter Formula

The perimeter of the triangular prism is the boundary distance of the triangle. A perimeter has lot of applications for example, the wheel perimeter is calculated to know how much distance does the wheel rolls. It has same cross section through out its length. The triangular prism perimeter formula is the addition of all the three sides of the triangular prism. Click the perimeter of triangular prism calculator link below the formula to calculate the perimeter of the triangular prism.


P = S1 + S2 + S3


P = Perimeter of triangle Prism
S1 = Side 1
S2 = Side 2
S3 = Side 3

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A prism is a transparent element with polished surface which can reflect light. Calculate the perimeter of a triangular prism using the triangular prism perimeter formula.

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