Perimeter of Obtuse Triangle Formula

The perimeter is just the length of the outer line of the triangle and is similar to calculate like the circumference of a circle. An obtuse triangle is one of the three kinds of triangles which are obtuse, acute and right. An obtuse triangle is a one with an obtuse angle (angle > 90°). The given below is the Perimeter of Obtuse Triangle Formula for calculating the perimeter. As per the formula just substitute the lengths and add them to get the result.


P = A + B + C


P = Perimeter
A = Side A
B = Side B
C = Side C

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A triangle must be either obtuse, acute or right-angled, which depends upon the angle formed within it. This is a simple and useful Perimeter of obtuse triangle formula to do the obtuse triangle calculations on your own by using the basic addition operation.

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