Percent of Rejection Formula

The rejection rate of salt is an Reverse Osmosis process. Rejection rate increases the ionic charge and size of a molecule. Here is the Percent of rejection formula to find the salt rejection percentage. This RO rejection rate formula says that subtracting the total dissolved solids product from the total solid feeds, again dividing the obtained value by solids feeds will give the rejection number. To get the result in percentage, multiply it with 100.

RO Rejection Rate Formula


r = ((f - p) / f) × 100


r = Salt Rejection
f = Total Dissolved Solids Feeds
p = Total Dissolved Solids Product

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A salt rejection rate is a also reliable on number of parameters such as percent recovery, feed water temperature, pH, and also based on the physical condition of the Reverse Osmosis membrane. Use this Percent of rejection formula to determine the rejection rate on your own with basic arithmetic operations.

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