Pentagonal Pyramid Base Length Formula

In geometry, a pentagonal pyramid has a pentagonal base upon which five triangular faces are erected to meet at a point. It has 5 faces and 10 edges. Like any pyramid, it is self-dual. Given here the pentagonal pyramid base length formula to find the base edge. The base length is calculated by multiplying number 6 with the volume of the pyramid, and then diving the answer with the multiplication of 5 with height and apothem length of the pyramid.


b = (6 x v) / (5 x h x a)


b = Base Length
v = Volume of the Pyramid
h = Height of the Pyramid
a = Apothem Length of Pyramid

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Pentagonal Pyramid Base Length Formula is made simple based on the apothem length, volume and height of the pyramid. Also, you can calculate base length by clicking on the calculator link above.

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