Peak Flow Meter Formula

Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR) is a human's maximum speed of expiration usually measured using a device. For a person with normal breathing, Peak flow readings will be higher and for patients with constricted airways, the readings are lower. This page shows the peak flow meter formula to calculate the Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF) Rate for humans. The PEFR is calculated differently for male and female, hence we have provided the individual PEF Formulas for both the genders.

PEF Formula


PEF (Female) = e((0.376 x ln(Age)) - (0.012 x Age) - (58.8 / Height) + 5.63)
PEF (Male) = e((0.544 x ln(Age)) - (0.0151 x Age) - (74.7 / Height) + 5.48)

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This Peak Expiratory Flow Rate PEF formula helps you to monitor the patients with breathing complaints. This peak flow meter formula calculates the normal flow rate values using person's height and age.

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