PAPP-A IU/I to MOM Formula

The page below provides the formula to convert PAPP-A IU/I to MoM. Papp-a also termed as Pappalysin-1 or pregnancy-associated plasma protein A, a type of protein in human body is encoded by the PAPPA gene. Pregnant women have higher level of Papp-a proteins which involves in local proliferative processes such as wound healing and bone remodeling. The below given PAPP-A IU/I to MoM formula will make you to get the conversion result of MoM from Papp-a.


P = M / 2.26


P = Pregnancy Associated Plasma Protein-A in MOM
M = Pregnancy Associated Plasma Protein-A in IU/I

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PAPP-A IU/I to MOM formula is defined as pregnancy associated plasma protein-A in MOM divided by 2.26. Also, you can navigate to online calculator provided above for conversion.

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