Oxygenation Index Formula

The oxygen index is used to know the intensity of the ventilation support required to maintain the oxygenation. The oxygenation index is used in the intensive care units. The oxygenation index formula uses the values of inspired oxygen concentration, mean airway pressure and partial pressure to find the oxygen index. Find the product of inspired oxygen concentration percentage, mean air pressure and 100. Then divide the result with partial pressure to find oxygen index.


Oxygenation Index (OI) = (FiO2 x MAP x 100) / PaO2


FiO2 = Inspired Oxygen Concentration
MAP = Mean Airway Pressure
PaO2 = partial pressure of arterial O2

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The oxygenation is used by pediatrics to access the ECMO therapy. A standard formula to find the oxygenation index is provided above. Use our online calculator to get the quick and reliable results.

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