Orbit Formula

Given here is the orbit formula for the calculation of orbital radius, flight velocity and an orbital period of a satellite revolving around Earth. The earth is a satellite due to its orbit through the sun.Orbital radius is a planet's average distance from the sun. The orbital period is the period of a satellite, the time taken to make one full orbit around an object. Orbital velocity is the velocity of this orbit depends on the distance from the object to the centre of the Earth.

Orbital Radius, Flight Velocity, Orbital Period Formula


R = 6378.14 + h
V = √( 398600.5 / R)
P = 2π * (R / V)

Orbit of Earth or Satellite


R = Orbital Radius
h = Orbital Altitude
V = Flight Velocity
P = Orbital Period

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Orbit formula is helpful for you to find the radius, velocity and period based on the orbital attitude. The Planetary radius is a measure of a planet's size. If you know the satellite's speed and the radius at which it orbits, you can figure out its period.

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