Log Odds and Odds Formula

Given here are the log odds and odds formulas to find the odds, log odds and expected proportion based on the values of any two. The expected proportion is the probability of success on each trial. The odds, also known as "Odds for" reflect the likelihood that the event will take place, while the "odds against" is the likelihood that the event will not take place. The log odds is the log of the odds ratio. The odds ratio is a measure of association between an event and the result.


When Observed Proportion is Given
o = p / (1 - p)
l = log (p / (1 - p))

When Odds is Given
p = o / (1 + o)
l = log(o)

When Log Odds is Given
o = Exp (l)
p = o / (1 - o)


o = Odds
l = Log Odds
p = Observed Proportion

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This log odds and odds formula help you solve your statistical queries related to events and their probabilities of their outcomes. Substitute your values in the formulae and verify your results by verifying it in the "Log Odds and Odds Calculator" given under the related calculator section.

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