Octagon Perimeter Formula

The octagon is an eight-sided polygon can also be constructed as a quasiregular truncated square. A truncated octagon is a hexadecagon. Make use of the below-given octagon perimeter formula to find the length of the boundary of the 8-gon. To calculate the perimeter the length of all side of should be known. For an octagon, the length of all sides is same. So as per the perimeter of octagon formula, multiply 8 with the side length to know the perimeter value.


Octagon Perimeter

Perimeter of Octagon = 8 x Side

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Make use of the octagon perimeter calculator to find the boundary of a regular polygon 8-gon. The octagon perimeter formula uses the radius of an octagon to find its perimeter. The dimension unit of the sides reflects in the result of an octagonal perimeter.

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