Octagon Area Formula

Octagon is a two-dimensional shape connected together using the straight lines. By the octagon area formula, to find the area, it's important to know the length of any one side, as regular octagon have the same length all the sides. Using area of an octagon equation, square the side length and multiply it with 2. On the other end, find (1+ √(2)). Add both the values to know the octagonal area. You can use our online octagonal area calculator to find the area.

Area of an Octagon Equation


Octagon Perimeter

Area = 2 × s2 × ( 1 + √(2) )


s = Side

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The octagon area formula given here is to find the area of an octagon using the regular polygon method. You can use this area of an octagon equation to compute the area and perimeter of octagonal objects.

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