NPSHA Formula

Given below NPSHA formula to calculate Net Positive Suction Head Available. It is the absolute pressure at the suction port of the pump. Low pressure which produces at the suction side of a pump may cause the fluid to start boiling due to cavitation. Net Positive Suction Head Available formula is defined as (Pa-Pv+Pn)/ρ. Add the atmospheric pressure and gage pressure, then subtract the obtained value with vapor pressure. Finally, divide the obtained result with density to get NPSH available.

Net Positive Suction Head Available Formula


NPSHa = (Pa-Pv+Pn)/ρ


NPSHa = NPSH Available
Pa = Atmospheric Pressure
Pv = Vapor Pressure
Pn = Gage Pressure at the Pump Suction
ρ = Density

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Net Positive Suction Head Available Formula (NPSHA) Formula is based on atmospheric pressure, vapour pressure, density and gage pressure at the pump suction. You can shift to online NPSH calculator provided above to find the result easily.

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