ng/ML to pmol/L Conversion Formula

Given here is the ng/ML to pmol/L conversion formula to convert the given values of Ng/Ml (Nanograms per Milliliter) to Pmol/L (Picomoles per Liter). It is given as p = n * 2.247 where, n = ng/mL, p = pmol/L. 1 Mole is the amount of substance containing (6 followed by 23 zeros) molecules. The Ng/Ml and Pmol/L units are used for lab experiments, where students/researchers use very small measured quantities of chemical, organic or inorganic substances for science experiments and researches.


p = n * 2.247


n = ng/mL
p = pmol/L

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This ng/ML to pmol/L conversion formula is used for medical treatment. These are unit measurements which are used in medical laboratories to check progesteron level in human blood. It is measured in nanograms/milliliter. These units are used to measure the level of substances in a said quantity of the liquid.

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