Net Force Formula

The net force is the sum of all the force in the objects. When the object is at rest, it will have the magnitude and gravitational force as its parameters. When the objects are in the motion, there will be 'n' number of forces acting on it. The given below is the net force formula for you to calculate the total number of forces acting. This Newton's Second Law formula says that just add the applied force and gravitational force to get the result.


if the object is at rest
n = a + g

if object is not at rest
n = Sum of All Force Values of the Object


n = Net Force
a = Applied Force
g = Gravitational Force

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When a net force is applied to an object, the object starts to accelerate. Find the net force of different objects using the net force formula and verify the answer using the calculator which is designed based on the Newton's Second Law formula.

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