Autopsy Rate Formula

The page provides the net autopsy rate formula based on inpatient deaths statistics in a hospital. To find the net autopsy rate, total inpatient deaths, total autopises on inpatient deaths and the unautopsied coroners of a hospital must be collected. For instance, in a hospital, if the total inpatient death occured is 15, total autopises on inpatient death is 12 and unautopsied coroner is 5. Hence, net autopsy rate would be (12 / (15 - 5)) x 100 which gives you the resultant value as 120.

Net Autopsy Rate Formula


a = (t / (d - u)) × 100


a = Net Autopsy Rate
t = Total Autopsies on Inpatient Deaths for a Period
d = Total Inpatient Deaths
u = Unautopsied Coroners

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You can refer this net autopsy rate formula to find the hospital autopsy rate for your personal use but medical and other decisions should not be taken based on this result.

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