NAFLD Fibrosis Score Formula

Here is the NAFLD fibrosis score formula for you to calculate the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease activity score. This NAFLD index formula will be very useful while predicting the hepatic steatosis disease based on routinely available determinations. Replace the variables in the formula with the corresponding values and do the operations as guided by the formula to get the NAFLD fibrosis index. For impaired fasting glucose / diabetes status of 'yes', use '1' and for 'no', use '0'.


N = -1.675 + (0.037 x A) + (0.094 x B) + (1.13 x G) + (0.99 x S) - (0.013 x P) - (0.66 x L)


N = Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Score
A = Age
G = Impaired Fasting Glucose / Diabetes (Yes = 1, No = 0)
S = AST / ALT Ratio
P = Platelets Count
L = Albumin

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Feel free to try this NAFLD fibrosis score formula to estimate the amount of scarring in the liver and take suitable measures to reduce the severity of the disease.

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