Mutual Inductance Formula

Mutual Inductance of the coil can be calculated with the mutual inductance formula mentioned below by computing the values of coupling coefficient between two coils and by self-inductance of the two coils. When the value of the inductance increases, it also increases the mutual inductance and vice versa. Mutual inductance is predominantly important in the circuits that have inductors and such inductance can be calculated using this mutual inductance formula.


I = K × √( L1 × L2 )


I = Inductance
K = Coupling Coefficient
L1 = Inductance
L2= Inductance

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The amount of mutual independence depends upon the relative positioning of the two coils. The amount of Electromotive Force produced due to the rate of change of current in a coupled coil is called as mutual inductance. Mutual inductance formula helps you to calculate the coefficient of mutual induction.

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