Moment of Inertia Formula

Moment of inertia(I) is called by alternative names such as mass moments of inertia or the angular mass. It's SI unit is m2. It is used to measure an object resistance to changes in its rotation rate. This page shows you the Moment of Inertia formula which guides you to calculate the 'I' of the material. Rotational inertia formula needs the input values of the mass of hollow material and distance between axis and rotation as inputs for calculating angular mass.

Rotational Inertia Formula

Formula Used:

Moment of inertia = M * D2


M = Angular Mass of the Hollow material
D = Distance between axis and rotation

Related Calculator:

The above Moment of Inertia formula in this page requires only basic multiplication operation for determining the result. Rotational Inertia Formula is one of the most used formulae in the physics world.

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