Moles of Butane to Grams Formula

In chemistry, many chemical equations require the amount of substance to be expressed in the unit of moles. Given below is the moles of butane to grams formula which helps you to convert from the weight of butane moles to grams. Butane is a hydrocarbon compound and it is classified as a type of alkane. Alkanes are hydrocarbons which consist of carbon atoms bonded to each other. Butane's molecular formula is C4H10. 1 Moles of Butane = 58.1222 grams.


Grams = 58.1222 x Moles Butane

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Moles of butane to grams formula is defined as butane moles multiplied by the value 58.1222. For instance, 1 Moles Butane = 58.1222 grams Hence, 8 Butane Moles = 8 x 58.1222 g = 464.9776 grams.

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