Molar Concentration Formula

Given here is the molar concentration equation for calculating the molarity substance which is expressed as mol/L. Molar concentration is the amount of substance in a litre of solution. Molar concentration formula is defined as (m/v) x (1/MW). It is calculated by taking into account the molecular weight of the substance and the volume of the solution. This molarity calculation is used in teaching, laboratory and helps to determine the mass of chemical needed to make a solution.

Molar Concentration Equation


Molar Concentration = (m / v) x (1 / MW)


m = Mass
v = Volume
MW = Molecular Weight

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Molar concentration formula is based on mass, volume, molecular weight of the substance where its unit mol/L is abbreviated as molar or M. The solution concentration may also be expressed in different fractions of the molar concentration such as mmol/L (mM),μmol/L (μM), nmol/L (nM), pmol/L (pM), etc. based on the solution of the substance.

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