Miles Formula PSD

The G^2/HZ to Grms conversion formula was designed by Miles when dealing with the failure of aircraft structural components. Here we use this formula to identify the miles equation. The miles formula PSD can also be used to find the displacement, force and acceleration by rearranging the components. To find the GRMS, multiply the frequency, acceleration and quality factor and multiply the resultant value with 1.5707(π /2). To find Xpeak multiply 3 with the resultant value.

G^2/Hz to Grms Conversion Formula


Xgrms = √[(Π / 2) F x Q x P]
Xpeak = 3 Xgrms


F = Frequency
P = Acceleration
Q = Quality Factor

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Miles formula PSD is found by John W. Miles. This G^2/HZ to Grms conversion formula is found by using the single degree of freedom (SDOF oscillator). The miles equation is derived from modelling a system using one degree of freedom. The tool is used only to find the SDOF system.

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