Impedance Medical Formula

Impedance is a non-invasive medical test that tests the changes in the electrical resistance in the body. It is based on the flow of electric force. Impedance is simply the resistance when the flow is steady. This page shows you the Impedance medical formula which will guide you in a suitable manner to determine the result. Also, this impedance medical formula page shows you the individual formulas for the calculation of impedance, phase angle, and capacitance.


Z = √(X² + R²)

α (degrees) = arctangent (X / R)

C (picofarads) = 10000000 / π x X / (X² + R²)


Z = Impedance
X = Reactance
R = Resistance
α = Phase Angles
C = Capacitance

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The above Impedance medical formula in this page will be a useful one for the medical practitioners and medical students for their reference.

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