Maximum Height Formula Projectile

The given below is the maximum height formula projectile which will help you to find the answer to your question of "How to solve maximum height projectile motion?". Maximum height reached can be found by the known values of initial velocity, the angle θ and acceleration of gravity. Here initial velocity indicates the velocity at the start and the angle θ indicates the component along y-axis in which the projectile has travelled to reach maximum height.


Maximum height reached = V0² sin² θ / 2g


V0 = Initial Velocity
θ (sin θ) = Component Along y-axis
g = Acceleration of Gravity

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The highest vertical position along its trajectory by a projectile is called as the maximum height reached by it. It depends on the initial velocity, the launch angle, and the acceleration due to gravity. Maximum height formula projectile in this page will be a very useful one for the high-grade school students to refer for their educational purposes.

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