Lateral Surface Area of Elliptical Cylinder Formula

Lateral surface area (LSA) refers to the total area of the cylinder covering the vertical distance, excluding the top and bottom. Given here, lateral surface area of elliptical cylinder formula to calculate LSA based on height, semi-major and semi-minor axis. It is found by finding the sum of the square of the major and minor axis, and dividing it with 2. Then square root of the resultant value to be multiplied with 2 and pi value. The derived number when multiplied with height gives the result.



Lateral Surface Area = h × 2 × π × √((1/2) × ((A × A) + (B × B)))


h = Height
A = Semi Major axis
B = Semi Minor Axis

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Lateral surface is the measurement of total area excluding the base and top of the elliptical cylinder. It is nothing but the vertical distance across the top and bottom. Also you can navigate to lateral surface area of elliptical cylinder calculator provided above to manually calculate the LSA.

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