Log Volume Calculation Formula | Doyle Log Scale Formula

This page gives you the log volume calculation formula to calculate the volume of a given log of wood. Log volume is the volume of a log of cut down trees, which are measured for their volume to be sold for furniture or firewood. A typical log is shaped like a cylinder. The log (cut down trees) is shaped like a cylinder, with a rounded body of some length. Below are the International log scale, Scribner scale and Doyle log scale formulas for calculating log volume.

International Log Scale Formula | Scribner Scale Formula


l = (d - 4) × (d - 4) × (h / 16)
s = (0.79 × d × d - 2 × d - 4) × (h / 16)
i = (0.796 × d × d - 1.375 × d - 1.23) × (h / 16)


l = Doyle Scale
s = Scribner Scale
i = International Scale
d = Log diameter (inches)
h = Log length(feet)

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The Scribner scale formula is one among the widely used one to calculate the cubic volume of a log. Click on the above calculator link which uses Doyle log scale, Scribner scale, and International log scale formula to calculate the total space occupied by the wood log.

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