Internal and External Division of Line Segment Formula

Here is the Internal and External division of line segment formula for calculating the coordinates point in the line which makes the segmentation. This page provides you the individual formulas for the calculation of internal and external line segmentation. Just substitute the coordinates of the two points and the ratio of x to y in the formula and do the operations as guided by the formula to get the points that akes the segmentation of line on your own.


Internal R(x,y) =((mx2 + nx1)/(m + n), (my2 + ny1)/(m + n))
External R(x,y) =((mx2 - nx1)/(m - n), (my2 - ny1)/(m - n))

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The above is the Internal and external division of line segment formula which requires only basic arithmetic operations to get the result. Also, we have provided you the related calculator to verify your results.

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