Infant Mortality Rate Formula

Given here is the infant mortality rate formula to calculate the child death rate. The formula uses the total number of infant (newborn) death and the total number of infant (newborn) discharges including the deaths as its parameters for the estimation of the mortality rate. The newborn death rate is the number of newborns that died in comparison to the total number of newborns discharged, alive and dead. A stillborn infant is not included in either the newborn death rate calculation.

Child Death Rate Formula


Infant Mortality Rate = (b / d) × 100


b = Total Number of Newborn Deaths
d = Total Number of Newborn Discharges (including deaths)

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Infant mortality rate, abbreviated as IMR is the measure of number of death rates of infants (children) before reaching 1 year of age per 1000 live births. It can also be termed as child mortality rate. This IMR rate statistics helps to identify and compare the health level of one country with the other one. Below is the child death rate formula to find the IMR of a hospital.

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