Horsepower (Hp) to WHP Formula

The minimum power needed to pump the water is called as the horse power (Hp). The power is the amount of energy used to do the work in a unit period of time. The water horsepower is the time taken to move a volume of water to a particular distance. The water horsepower can be calculated using the given below Horsepower (Hp) to WHP formula. The horsepower is multiplied by the constant value of pressure 0.9995400688463 to find the water horsepower.


w = h × 0.9995400688463


h = Horsepower(HP)
w = Water Horsepower(WHP)

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The Horsepower (Hp) to Whp formula shows an easy method to convert the water horsepower. Click on our below online Hp to Whp converter to easily calculate the water horsepower.

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