Adiabatic Index Equation

Heat capacity is also known as the isentropic expansion factor and is used in aerospace research and chemical labs. Heat capacity ratio is the ratio of the heat provided to an object or the heat taken out from an object to the resulting temperature change. This page provides the adiabatic index equation to calculate the γ ratio of heat capacities of the ideal gas. Solve your engineering problems with ease using this heat capacity ratio formula.

Heat Capacity Ratio Formula


γ = Cp / Cv


γ = Heat Capacities Ratio
Cp = Heat Capacity at Constant Pressure
Cv = Heat Capacity at Constant Volume

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Heat capacity ratio is expressed as γ and is obtained by dividing the heat capacities at constant pressure by the constant volume. Substitute your values in this adiabatic index equation and do the division operation to determine the γ ratio for your gas or object.

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